Sri Dasmesh Kirtan Jatha

The Kirtan Jatha

Sri Dasmesh is also well known as a Kirtan and Parchaar Jatha. Spearheaded by Jathedar Sukdev Singh and his brother Harvinder Singh The 'Sri Dasmesh Jatha' participates in all major Sikh celebrations and Gurpurabs, carrying the torch of our divine faith everywhere the Jatha goes. Sri Dasmesh jatha is totally committed to raising the awareness of the Sikh youth of today with our messages for the 21st century.

Our Founder – Jathedar Sukdev Singh

Jathedar Sukhdev
An Airline Pilot by profession, Sukdev Singh is a Sikh thinker and writer who is constantly exploring new ideas to inspire youth on the path of Sikhi. Since 1978, he has made numerous evolutionary contributions to the Sikh community. These include the Sri Dasmesh Jatha, the world renowned Sri Dasmesh Band also known as the Malaysian Sikh Band, the Sri Dasmesh School, and since 1997, a community support organization called ‘Sikhs With A Mission. He is also the author of ‘Missions Books’. His motto – ‘One God, One World, One Humanity’ is evident in every new endeavour that he pursues in the service of God,and in his dream of World Peace'.